FAQ/How can i disable RTCP stats in the SDP of the m9?

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You can upload the following XML settings on the m9 to disable the a=rtcp-xr... line of the SDP:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <rtcp_dup_rle perm="RW">false</rtcp_dup_rle>
  <rtcp_loss_rle perm="RW">false</rtcp_loss_rle>
  <rtcp_rcpt_times perm="RW">false</rtcp_rcpt_times>
  <rtcp_rcvr_rtt perm="RW">false</rtcp_rcvr_rtt>
  <rtcp_stat_summary perm="RW">false</rtcp_stat_summary>
  <rtcp_voip_metrics perm="RW">false</rtcp_voip_metrics>
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