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  1. How to switch between "User Mode" and "Admin Mode"
  2. How to reset lost administrator password
  3. How to reset lost HTTP password
  4. How to factory reset the phone


  1. To set the phone back to "Admin mode", press the Settings key .
    1. Firmware versions lower than 7.X: Select "Admin Mode".
    2. Firmware versions lower equal or greater 7.X: Enter "Maintenance" and select "Admin Mode".
    3. On the prompt enter your administrator password, if you have set one, or the default password, which is "0000" (four zeros), and confirm.
  2. Reset lost administrator password by performing a reset to factory defaults (Warning: All configuration changes get lost!) via Web User Interface (Note: This will work only when the web user interface is not secured by a password):
    1. Obtain your phone's IP address and currently used firmware version by pressing the Help button on your snom 3x0
    2. Open any web browser and choose the URL corresponding to your current firmware version:
      • Firmware versions lower than 3.X: http://phonesIpAdr/set_base_en.htm?reset=Reset
      • Firmware versions between 3.X and 6.X: http://phonesIpAdr/advanced.htm?reset=Reset
      • Firmware versions from 7.X onwards: http://phonesIpAdr/advanced_network.htm?reset=Reset
    3. Copy the appropriate URL into the address line of your web browser and then change "phonesIPAdr" to your phone's actual IP address.
    4. The phone reboots automatically and everything will be accessible again.
  3. Reset lost HTTP password via Phone User Interface:
    • snom360: Press the "Settings" Key and scroll down to "Reset Values". Confirm by pressing and enter the Administrator password!
    • snom320: Press the "Settings" Key and press the soft key below the displayed "Reset" and enter the Administrator password!.
    • snom300: Press the "Navigation Button" "down" and scroll until "Configuration". Press the "Navigation Button" "right" and confirm by pressing and enter the Administrator password!
    • snom190: Use the arrow keys to navigate to "Configuration". Press the left "softkey" below "Reset" and enter the Administrator password!
  4. You can factory reset the phone in one of the following ways:
    1. On snom 3xx: By pressing key combination: * Volume Up * Volume Down #
    2. On snom 7xx/D7xx, D120, 8xx and D3xxU: by using Rescue Mode
      1. Press * * # # on the keypad (This will reboot the phone).After you have pressed the last time #, keep it pressed and do not stop pressing it.
      2. The phone will boot into Rescue Mode. Once you see the Rescue Mode you can stop pressing the # key
      3. Press option 1 for a settings reset and then press any key when prompted to reboot.
    3. On all phones: By doing a factory reset via network recovery, see: https://helpdesk.snom.com/support/solutions/articles/6000071238-how-to-reset-a-desktop-phone-to-the-factory-defaults-via-network-recovery or TFTP Update ( Note: This process combines firmware update and factory reset)
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