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Back Up Section

The following file types can be saved as backups from the phone's web user interface:

  • .cfg Config File
  • .xml XML File

Choose the Config File type if you want the smaller of the two.

Note: for security reasons the phone doesn't backup any passwords. After restoring the configuration, you will need to re-enter all passwords.

Step 1

Determine the IP Address of the Phone by clicking the Help button on your phone. Then click the IPAdr soft key to get the IP Address of the Phone.

Step 2

Launch a web browser and enter that ip address into the Address bar and click enter.

Step 3

Click the Settings link, you’ll find it located under the Status Category in the Vertical navigation links section on the left side of the web page.

Image: backup_restore_01.png

At the top of the Settings page you’ll have three options to save the Configuration File. Click the type you prefer to save and store it in a location that you can retrieve from, usually it's fine to save the differences only.

Image: backup_restore_02.png

That completes the steps necessary to Back Up a snom phone configuration.

Restore Section

Step 1

Repeat steps 1 and 2 from the Back Up Section and go to the web user interface for your snom phone.

Step 2

Click the Advanced Link that is located in the Setup Category in the Vertical navigation links section on the left side of the web page.

Image: backup_restore_03.png

Step 3

Click the Update Tab on the Advanced Settings Tab Menu options.

Image: backup_restore_04.png

Step 4

Using the Browse button on the File Uploader segment of the page, locate your Back up Configuration File. Then click the Load button. Watch the LED panel on your Phone and you’ll see the Restore going on. This step will take a few minutes and when complete you’re done restoring the configuration from Back Up.

Important Behavior Anomoly

If your phone was set up with a Static IP Address it will get converted to DHCP during the restore process. This will make it appear as if the Web Page is going to time out. It’s not really timing out, rather… the IP Address used to manage the Phone no longer exists thus you get a timeout appearance.

At this point just watch the LED on the Phone. When the restore process reaches a point where you’re being asked to Select a Dial Tone pick up the Restore Process from the Phone and:

  1. Select A Dial Tone
  2. Select a Language
  3. Choose Your Time Zone

At this point you have nearly fully restored the Backup Configuration File.

If you would like to revert back to your Static IP Address you’ll need to.

  1. Go into the Phone Settings on the Phone.
  2. Turn off DHCP.
  3. Re-enter your Static IP Address.
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