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Yes, from firmware 5.0 onwards it is possible to send variables of your phone via Action URLs to a remote Webserver.


Action URLs are basically HTTP "GET" requests and may contain variable names starting with $ and "pattern=$variable" strings separated by "&":



The execution is logged on the phone and can be easily verified on the phone┬┤s Log page (V6/V7):

[2] 11/4/2006 10:52:43: Sending post request host = 192.168.X.X:80, file = /test.php?your_pattern1=$variable1


The following variables may be used for your own pattern:

  1. static variables:
  2. runtime variables:
    • $local --> the SIP URI of the local identity (your phone's number)
    • $remote --> the SIP URI of the remote identity (the other party's phone number)
    • $active_url --> the SIP URI of the active outgoing identity
    • $active_user --> the user part of the SIP URI for the active outgoing identity
    • $active_host --> the host part of the SIP URI for the active outgoing identity
    • $csta_id --> CSTA ID
    • $call-id --> the call-id of the active call
    • $display_local --> used to display your phone's display name
    • $display_remote --> used to display the other party's display name
    • $expansion_module --> used to show which expansion module do you use and
    • $active_key --> the function key (e.g. P1, P5, P32,..) associated with a call.
    • $phone_ip --> current IP address of the phone (only to use as argument, http://$phone_ip... will NOT work. Use "localhost" instead)
    • $nr_ongoing_calls --> contains the number of active calls




Action URLs can be configured depending on the purpose:

Event driven on the Action URL setting page based on the following events:

  • DND on/off
  • Redirection on/off
  • Incoming call/Outgoing call
  • Setup finished
  • On offhook/onhook
  • Missed call
  • On Connected/Disconnected
  • Note: Those variables which are replaced on run-time do not work with all of these events.

User interactive (Manually by pressing the corresponding key) on the Function Keys page

  • Context: Not used
  • Key Event: "Action URL"
  • Number: Action URL string
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