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Yes, you can use GNnetcom GN6210, Plantronics CS60 (DECT, and Plantronics Voyager 5105. They all have PHONE connector on the base station. Connect the headset output of the phone to the PHONE connector on the base station. Use the RJ11 cable that comes with the headsets.

You also have to do some changes in the phone's web user interface:

Auto Answer --> ON
Ringer Device for Headset --> Use Headset
Type of answering --> Headset
(Optional, GNnectom) Headset Mic Volume (1 - 8) --> 3

Please note that the headset always has the audio channel open, i.e., you will receive all arriving calls without pressing the button on the headset. GNnetcom has a useful beep before the connection starts, Plantronics does not.

Battery life: ~2 hours

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