FAQ/Can I have a list of OCS features supported by the SNOM OCS firmware?

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  • Calling features:
    • Microsoft Office Communicator from/to phone
    • Phone from/to PSTN (with mediation server)
    • call termination (terminate a call)
    • transfer
      • attended
      • Unattended
      • Blind
    • hold/unhold
    • Calling to Exchange Auto‐Attendant
    • Call Voicemail (Exchange) via message key (authenticated)
    • Exchange “play on phone” to snom
  • Security Features:
    • TLS encryption and NTLM signing of SIP messages.
    • SRTP Audio encryption (with SHA‐80) to:
      • Exchange 2007
      • Mediation Server
      • Office Communicator Clients
  • presence information
    • Phone presence information
  • EDGE support with STUN/TURN/ICE (FirewallTraversal)
    • snom phones support the EDGE role
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