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In older versions on snom, pressing the ? key showed the version, IP and MAC address on the screen of the phone. In newer versions, only the IP address is shown.

Some customers asked for the feature to get the old behavior. The phone does not support this at the moment, but you can use the following workarounds:

1. Similar behavior with Action URL

You can reach the IP address + MAC information by pressing Settings -> Information -> System Info. It is possible to simulate this pressing by using a HTTP command (see http://wiki.snom.com/FAQ/Can_I_control_my_snom_phone_remotely):,50,200;6,50,200;2

You can configure the Help button to call this HTTP request by setting: Function Keys -> in the HELP line, under Type choose "Action URL" and under Number set ",50,200;6,50,200;2"

Then, pressing the Help key will automatically open Settings -> Information -> System Info

2. Same behavior but this workaround required a web server.

On the http server create a webpage with the following content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
IP: <?php
echo $_GET['ip'];
?><br></br>Version: <?php
echo $_GET['version'];
?><br></br>MAC: <?php
echo $_GET['mac'];

Let's assume path to the file is

Then go to the phone's web interface, click on 'Function keys' and change the behavior of the "?" button (or any other button) to Type "Action URL" and content$firmware_version&ip=$ip_adr&mac=$mac

This will show the info on the screen.

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