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All current snom phones support wired headset devices.

Type of connection
  • 4P4C RJ9/RJ10 connector (standard telecom handset connector) for Desktop phones
  • 3.5mm headphone jack connector for M25/M65/M85
  • 2.5mm headphone jack connector for M15/M45
Required specification for the headset
  • Microphone Type: Electret condenser microphone (ECM)
  • Sensitivity: - 38 dB to - 48 dB, 0 dB = 1 V/Pa, at f = 1kHz
  • Voltage: 1.5 V
  • Series resistance: 2 x 1.5 kOhm
  • Directivity: Omni-directional
  • S/N ratio: > 60 dB
  • Input impedance loudspeaker: 150 Ohm (+/- 50 Ohm)
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 10 kHz

Subject to change without notice.

Snom Wired Headsets A100D / A100M

The Snom A100D is a wired binaural headset, the Snom A100M is the monaural version (one loudspeaker).

The A100 headsets are equipped with a Quick Release (QR) connector allowing to use the headsets in various scenario. The headset carton box already includes an RJ09/4P4C Quick Release (QR) connector cable for use of the headsets with snom phones

IMPORTANT: Snom A100 headsets are not compatible with the Snom 300 Desktop phone. For this device please consider the Snom HS-MM3 or a 3rd. party compatible headset.

Headset name Description Part number Product page
A100D Wired Binaural headset PN 00004341 Product page
A100M Wired Monaural headset PN 00004342 Product page

Snom A100 headsets Documentation

Language Format Size Revision Notes
English / German / Italian / French / Spanish
  • PDF Image:pdf.gif


  • 1.0

Quick Install guide

Quick Release cables

Snom A100 headsets can be equipped with optional Quick Release cables for USB, 3.5 or 2.5 audio jack

Cable name Description Part number
ACUSB USB connector with remote control PN 00004343
ACPJ 3.5mm jack connector PN 00004344
ACPJ25 2.5mm jack connector PN 00004371

Snom Wireless Headset A170

The Snom A170 is a wireless DECT headset with base station; the charger is integrated into the base station.

The base station has a built-in EHS adaptor and can be connected directly to any Snom desktop phone of the D7XX and D3XX series without additional equipment.

Headset name Description Part number Product page
A170 Wireless Monaural headset PN 00004387 Product page

A170 Documentation

Quick Start Guide

Language Format Size Revision Notes
QSG en/de/fr/it/es
  • PDF Image:pdf.gif
  • 4.3 MB


Quick Start Guide delivered with product

User Guide

Language Format Size Revision Notes
User Guide en/de/fr/it/es
  • PDF Image:pdf.gif
  • 5.6 MB


  • Includes content of QSG, plus description of LED indications, alert tones, voice prompts, and how to deregister the headset from and register it on its base station.
  • Enthält Inhalt des QSG; zusätzlich Beschreibung der LED-Anzeigen, Hinweistöne, Sprachhinweise und wie das Headset von seiner Basisstation deregistriert und an der Basisstation registriert wird.

Snom Wired Headsets HS-MM2 / HS-MM3

The snom HS-MM2/HS-MM3 Headsets are available in monaural style (one loudspeaker).

Headset Type Phone Type HW revision Screenshot
HS-MM2 snom320,snom360,snom370,snom710,snom720,snom760,snom820snom821,snom870,snomD7x5,snomD3x5 Type A and B
HS-MM3 snom300 Type A and B
The connection cord is included but you cannot exchange the connection cords between type A and type B headsets!
Type A and B can be distinguished by performing a visual inspection, see screenshot (click on the picture to enlarge it)
Type A: 1st Generation, recommended mic gain: set value ‘7’
Type B: 2nd Generation, improved no-humming-noise performance, recommended mic gain: set value ‘4’

Desktop phones PIN Layout

snom300 snom320 snom360 snom370 snom7xx snom8xx snomD3x5 snomD7x5

3rd party Approved Headsets

Tested and approved Headsets by Snom from Sennheiser, Jabra and Plantronics

Other recommended headsets

GN Netcom/Jabra



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