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Example scenario: deploy simultaneous calls to two numbers with Asterisk and PA1

Note: This scenario is only a testing example. Use at your own risk.


When 3314 is called, both 3314 and 3999 should ring

Asterisk dialplan

Asterisk dialplan

exten => 3314,1,DIAL(SIP/3314&SIP/3999,20,tr)

PA1 setup

  • Preferences
    • PA1 Controls
      • Speaker Volume: 14
      • Amplifier Gain: 1
      • Speaker: on
  • Ringtone Defaults
    • Ringer Device for Headset: Use Headset
  • Auto Answer:
    • Auto Answer Indication: off
  • Identity
    • Login Information
      • Displayname: PA1
      • Account: 3999
      • Authentication Username: 3999
      • Display Text for Idle Screen: PA1
  • SIP Settings
    • Auto Answer: off
    • Shared Lline: off
    • Server Type Support: Asterisk

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