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All phones except snom 300, 320, 360, Meeting Point, and m9/m9r: As of FW version (Lync firmware as of v8.8.1.10 and, respectively), there are two methods to send music to callers on hold locally (i.e., on your phone).

  1. By enabling the setting Play music during hold on the phone's web interface, Advanced settings page > Audio tab. The music callers will hear is stored locally on your phone.
  2. By specifying a media server account which will stream the audio file to callers on hold. Enter the SIP URI to the media server account in the text field of the setting Music on hold server on the phone's web interface, Configuration Identity # page > SIP tab. See Settings/user_moh and How to/MoH for more information.

You can use method 2 on all phones running earlier FW versions and on snom 300/320/360/Meeting Point phones, regardless of FW version.


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