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  • MJPEG Source
    • Web camera
    • Streaming software, e.g. VLC, MPlayer


Manually via function keys

  1. Install the latest 8.7.x firmware image
  2. Make sure the MJPEG source is accessible from your webbrowser and the phone
    • Result:
  3. Navigate to the "Function Key" WUI page
  4. Choose two available keys and assign the key type "Action URL". Short Text can be any text you want to label the key with.
  5. Navigate to the Virtual Keys on your PUI by touching the icon on the springboard. The following menu will appear:
    • Result:
  6. Press the key assigned to the MJPEG source and cancel the screen to go back to the springboard
    • Result: The video stream from the MJPEG source should be displayed as background video in fullscreen mode
  7. Now we can remove some of the overlapping springboard icons and assign different functionalities to the remaining ones:
  8. Stop the video streaming by invoking the virtual key screen again and press the "stop" button:
    • Result: The changed springboard idle screen is shown.

Further Examples

snom820 - UC edition


1) set via Web User Interface -> Functions Keys -> P1:

context = "active"
type = "action URL"
Number = ""
Short Text = "stream ON"

2) set via Web User Interface -> Functions Keys -> P2:

context = "active"
type = "action URL"
Number = ""
Short Text = "stream OFF"


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