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Preinstalled Fonts (On Phones with Color Displays)

All fonts are open true type fonts:

  • ae.ttf
  • bs.ttf
  • ca.ttf
  • cs.ttf
  • da.ttf
  • de.ttf
  • en.ttf
  • es.ttf
  • et.ttf
  • fi.ttf
  • fr.ttf
  • he.ttf
  • hu.ttf
  • it.ttf
  • ja.ttf
  • nl.ttf
  • no.ttf
  • pl.ttf
  • pt.ttf
  • ru.ttf
  • si.ttf
  • sk.ttf
  • sv.ttf
  • tr.ttf
  • uk.ttf
  • zh.ttf

Preinstalled Fonts (On Phones with High Resolution Monochrome Displays)

These fonts are also preinstalled on other phones that support USB expansion modules (D3/D7). For each of the languages listed above a regular and a bold font exist similar to the following naming pattern. See regular_font_min_font_size for an explanation when which font is used.

  • mono-en.ttf
  • mono-bold-en.ttf


Font replacement

Simple font replacement can be don using Auto Provisioning, see this explanation

Font upload (changing the writing system/Language)

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