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Starting with version 8.4.17, the snom phones support the LLDP Protocol.

LLDP has not to be enabled on the phone, it will work without any settings.
All settings just have to be done on the ethernet-switch the phone is connected to.

Note:Setting VLAN and/or Layer2-Priority will lead to a reboot of the phone when the phone is freshly connected to the LAN/the power was off before.


Supported settings

  • All "inventory" TLV's as described in IEEE 802.3
  • ANSI/TIA 1057 (LLDP-MED) Network Policy (subtype 0x02)
    • Application Type voice (1)

IEEE 802.3-information are just informative and do not change any settings at the phone.

ANSI/TIA 1057 could change settings such as:

  • VLAN
  • Layer2-Priority (VLAN-Priority)
  • DSCP (Differentiated Service Field of IP-pakets)

Additional Information


Phone forgets its VLAN-settings

After some time the phone stops sending pakets with the correct VLAN-ID.

If within 6 minutes there is no new LLDP-MED with the VLAN-id is send, the phone will "forgett" it.

VLAN-ID is not configured

LLDP is send and VLAN-ID is given, but phone does not set it.

Make sure that LLDP-MED Network Polixy with VLAN-ID in it is sent (visible as TIA - Network Policy in Wireshark within the LLDP-paket).

Should look like this:

TIA - Network Policy
  1111 111. .... .... = TLV Type: Organization Specific (127)
  .... ...0 0000 1000 = TLV Length: 8
  Organization Unique Code: TIA (0x0012bb)
  Media Subtype: Network Policy (0x02)
  Application Type: Voice (1) (device runs voice as application type)
  1... .... .... .... = Policy: Unknown (Device has no policy, is needed)
  .1.. .... .... .... = Tagged: Yes (Device should tag VLAN with ID and Qos)
  ...0 0111 0001 000. = VLAN Id: 904 
  .... ...0 00.. .... = L2 Priority: 0
  ..10 0000 = DSCP Value: 32 (regardless of VLAN this DCSP is set)

VLAN-ID > 255 is not configured correctly/If VLAN-ID > 255 is send phone reboots permanently

VLAN-ID bigger 255 is sent to the phone.
Phone sets a different VLAN-ID or/and repeats to reboot.

Please use a firmware starting with 8.4.32.

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