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All current snom phones support headset devices. Type of connection:

  • 4P4C RJ9/RJ10 connector (standard telecom handset connector) for 3xx, 8xx and 7xx series
  • Headphone jack (2.5 mm) for m3 and for the snom M9

Required specification for the headset, snom 3xx series:

  • Microphone Type: Electret condenser microphone (ECM)
  • Sensitivity: - 38 dB to - 48 dB, 0 dB = 1 V/Pa, at f = 1kHz
  • Voltage: 1.5 V
  • Series resistance: 2 x 1.5 kOhm
  • Directivity: Omni-directional
  • S/N ratio: > 60 dB
  • Input impedance loudspeaker: 150 Ohm (+/- 50 Ohm)
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 10 kHz

Subject to change without notice.

Headset Types

The snom HS-MM2/HS-MM3 Headsets are available in monaural style (one loudspeaker). The snom HS-MM2 headset applies to snom320, snom360, snom370, snom 8xx and snom7xx phone types and HS-MM3 headset can only be used for the snom 300 phone:

Headset TypePhone TypeHW revisionScreenshot
HS-MM2snom320,snom360,snom370,snom820,snom870,snom710,snom720,snom760Type A and B
HS-MM3snom300Type A and B
The connection cord is included but you cannot exchange the connection cords between type A and type B headsets!
Type A and B can be distinguished by performing a visual inspection, see screenshot (click on the picture to enlarge it)
Type A: 1st Generation, recommended mic gain: set value ‘7’
Type B: 2nd Generation, improved no-humming-noise performance, recommended mic gain: set value ‘4’

PIN Layout



snom320 - snom360 - snom370 - snom820 - snom821 - snom870 - snom710 - snom720 - snom760


snom m3

Headset pin assignement

Schematic Pin No Usage
Image:circuit_snom_m3.jpg 1GND
4No connection
5No connection

The headset plug must have the following dimensions:


GN Netcom Headsets

Wired types

Suitable GN Netcom Headsets for snom VoIP Phones:

  • GN 2100 MicroBoom Mono (P/N 2136-02-04)
  • GN 2100 MicroBoom Duo (P/N 2139-02-04)
  • GN 2100 FlexBoom, NC Mono (P/N 2126-82-04)
  • GN 2100 FlexBoom, NC Duo (P/N 2129-82-04)
  • GN 2000 SoundTube Mono (P/N 2003-320-104)
  • GN 2000 SoundTube Duo (P/N 2009-320-104)
  • GN 2000 FlexBoom, NC Mono (P/N 2003-820-104)
  • GN 2000 FlexBoom, NC Duo (P/N 2009-820-104)

Please use the following cords (not included):

P/N 8800-01-06 snom320,snom360,snom370,snom820,snom821,snom870
P/N 8800-01-01 snom300

There is also a switchable cord available:

  • P/N 88001-99

Wireless types

Suitable GN Netcom wireless Headsets for snom VoIP Phones:

  • GN 9350, NC telephone and PC (P/N 9356-607-101)
  • GN 9330, NC telephone (P/N 9337-508-101)
  • GN 9120 MidiBoom (P/N 9120-48-01)
  • GN 9120 FlexBoom, NC (P/N 9120-28-01)
  • GN 9120 MicroBoom (P/N 9120-30-01)
  • GN 6210 Bluetooth (P/N) 6210-01)

The connection cords are included.

Homepage: GN Netcom

Plantronics Headsets

Suitable Plantronics Headsets for snom VoIP Phones:

  • H51/A
  • H251/A (P/N 36828-01)

Please use the following cords (not included):

U10P-S (P/N 38099-01) snom320,snom360,snom370,snom820,snom821,snom870
U10P (P/N 27190-01) snom300

Homepage: Plantronics

ADD-COM Headsets

Suitable ADD-COM Headsets for snom VoIP Phones:

  • ADD800 Performance Plus II Monaural Headset
  • ADD880 Performance Plus II Binaural Headset
  • ADD100 Quantum Pro Voice Tube Monaural Headset
  • ADD110 Quantum Pro Voice Tube Monaural Headset
  • ADD200 Quantum Pro Noise Cancelling Monaural Headset
  • ADD220 Quantum Pro Noise Cancelling Monaural Headset
  • NFH1Q H1 Noise Cancelling Monaural Headset
  • NFH2Q H2 Noise Cancelling Binaural Headset
  • NFPR0100 Noise Cancelling Monaural Headset
  • NFPR0200 Noise Cancelling Binaural Headset
  • NFPR0500 Noise Cancelling Monaural Headset
  • NFPR0600 Noise Cancelling Binaural Headset

Please use the following cords (not included):

ADDQD-01 (Grey Cord)) snom300
ADDQD-04 (Black Cord) snom320,snom360,snom370
ADDQD-04 (Black Cord) snom820,snom821,snom870

Homepage: ADD-COM

snom m9 Recommended Headsets

For optimum performance snom recommends the following headsets for the snom m9:

  • Jabra OEM Stereo 2.5mm headset with ear cushions

  • Jabra C120 Stereo Earbuds - 2.5mm

  • Plantronics M175 Headset

  • Headphone jack (2.5 mm) for the Snom M9

m3 Recommended Headsets

  • Plantronics M175
  • Plantronics MX200
  • Plantronics MX250


  1. Where can I purchase the snom headsets?


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