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Legal information

Subject to technical modifications; no responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of this information


  • 16.06.2017 - Data updated to the latest firmware release
  • 24.04.2015 - first version of approved headset overview
  • 17.11.2015 - Release update (

Known incompatibilities:

  • Plantronics USB adapter APU70/71
  • The Snom BT dongle and BT headset are in End of Life: the devices are not tested and supported anymore in firmware > 8.7.5.x and > 8.9.3.x

Snom D375/D765

Snom 720/760/D715/D725/D745

Snom D315/D345

Snom D305

Snom D712/D710/710

Snom 3x0 and 8xx series

Snom D785

Please see this link. Where D7xx is present in the list, it includes as well D785

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